JULY 23, 2008

  • Mr. LANGEVIN. Madam Speaker, as a proud member of the Hellenic Caucus, I rise today to recognize the 34th anniversary of Turkey's invasion of Cyprus. On this occasion, we mourn those who lost their lives and remember the barrier created in 1974 that still exists today. The island remains divided between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots, despite attempts by the international community for a reunification settlement.
  • I have repeatedly emphasized the need for a peaceful settlement to the ongoing division in Cyprus—a goal that has eluded American and European leaders for more than thirty years. I believe that a strong U.S. commitment to Cyprus should be one of our nation's top foreign policy priorities. As Americans, we must guarantee that our foreign policy reflects our values of justice, equality and responsibility, and promoting a lasting peace and stability in Cyprus illustrates those values.
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  • The United States holds a unique position of trust with both Greece and Turkey, and we must use our influence to work toward a solution that is acceptable and equitable to all of Cyprus's residents. I am pleased that we have made progress in recent years, but we have more to do. We must remain committed to our vision of a Cyprus that is again unified and able to reach its full potential in the international arena.
  • I also would like to thank my colleagues on the Hellenic Caucus, especially Mrs. MALONEY and Mr. BILIRAKIS, for addressing this important event.