July 22, 2008

  • Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, 34 years ago, Turkish troops invaded the Island of Cyprus, resulting in the death and displacement of thousands of Greek and Turkish Cypriot citizens; leaving behind a state of conflict within a civilization that can trace its history back more than ten thousand years. A 113-mile long divide was created as the Turks began their occupation of one third of the island, which exists to present day.
  • Today, we recognize this tragic event, but we also look at, with hope, the future that lies ahead.
  • As part of a congressional delegation last November, other members of Congress and I discussed this long-standing conflict and the path toward resolution with members of the Cyprus government. I am encouraged by the recent overtures made by leaders on both sides of the Cyprus question.
  • I am hopeful that the meetings between President Christofias and Mr. Talat will continue, and that the work of the mutually established Working Groups and Technical Communities may ultimately lead to a unified Cypriot nation.
  • I am confident that through tolerance, compromise and the continuation of diplomatic efforts, lasting solutions to the remaining differences will be attained.