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The National Herald Column Features AHI
July 8, 2011—No. 43 (202) 785-8430

The National Herald Column Features AHI

WASHINGTON, DC—Andy Dabilis’ column “The Myth of Greece Lies Within the Greeks” that appeared in the July 2-8, 2011 edition of The National Herald features the American Hellenic Institute and specifically references an April 25, 2011 op-ed written by AHI President Nick Larigakis titled “Does Anyone Care?” 

Dabilis notes a general apathy from the Greek American community toward worthy Hellenic-based organizations, institutions, or projects and comments on the challenges these entities face garnering financial support from the community.

In his op-ed, Larigakis explored why Greek Americans do not get more involved in the issues, offering the opinion that a majority of Greek Americans simply do not believe there are real threats to Greece. He also cited a lack of financial support to Greek American organizations as an example of the community’s apathy.

The American Hellenic Institute is a non-profit Greek American public policy center that works to strengthen relations between the United States and Greece and Cyprus, and within the Greek American community.


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