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August 23, 2005—No. 76 (202) 785-8430



We are deeply saddened at the passing on August 13, 2005 of Charles W. McCaskill, Sr., a distinguished retired foreign officer and friend who served in Thessaloniki Greece, 1957–60, in Cyprus, 1960–64, and as the Cyprus Desk officer at the Department of State, 1965–67. His last overseas posting was in Athens, Greece, 1978–82. He joined the Foreign Service in 1947 and was the first Greek language trainee in the State Department. He also served in Tehran, Iran, in Bombay, India and was Consul General in Madras, India. He and Ambassador Taylor G. Belcher served together in Cyprus in the early years of Cypriot independence in the 1960’s.

“Charlie” McCaskill was noted for his understanding of Cyprus, its people, culture, and civilization. As an American diplomat he displayed unique sensitivity about the political dynamics that affected Greece and Cyprus. Even after his retirement from the Foreign Service, he never lost interest in the two countries he came to know so well.

His contribution in the discussion of American policy toward Greece and Cyprus showed the clarity of his thinking and the honesty of his opinions, even as his health declined. “Charlie” honored us with his participation in conferences on U.S. policy towards Greece and Cyprus. The American Hellenic Institute volume The United States and Cyprus—Double Standards and the Rule of Law includes two insightful papers on Greece and Cyprus. His first paper titled: “U.S.- Greek Relations and the Problems of the Aegean and Cyprus” was delivered on April 29, 1988. His second paper titled: “Cyprus—Twenty-Five Years Later: A Diplomat Looks Back,” was delivered on January 28, 1989. Both papers are pertinent today and should be required reading for persons involved or interested in U.S.—Greece and U.S.—Cyprus relations.

He will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him for so many years. We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Jacqueline and family—Charles W. McCaskill Jr., and his wife, Norma, Stephen H. McCaskill and his wife, Holly and grandson, Jared W. McCaskill. Eternal be his memory.


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