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AHI Sends Letters To Washington Post And New York Times Regarding Current Turkish Financial Crisis
March 6, 2001 No. 11/01 (202) 785-8430

AHI Sends Letters To Washington Post And New York Times Regarding Current Turkish Financial Crisis

On March 2, 2001 the AHI sent letters (copies attached) to the editors of the Washington Post and the New York Times responding to recent articles about the present financial scandals in Turkey. The text of both letters are also available on AHI's website at

In both letters, AHI General Counsel Gene Rossides highlighted the pervasive domination of the Turkish military over all aspects of Turkish governance as the primary cause for the country's economic instability. He noted that the military's control of the National Security Council and its own budget (which amounts to one-third of total state revenues) and its perpetuation of state corruption has prevented the necessary democratization of Turkey's governing institutions.

"As Turkey's closest ally, the U.S. must be prepared to tell Ankara that the military must return to the barracks and allow meaningful reform to proceed," Rossides said. In addition, Mr. Rossides highlighted Turkey's notorious human rights record.