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Re-Election of President Glafcos Clerides



February 16, 1998 No. 11/98


On January 15, 1998 President Glafcos Clerides was reelected President of Cyprus. In the second round of voting he obtained 50.82% of the vote against 49.18% for his opponent, former Foreign Minister George Iacovou.

The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) congratulates President Clerides on his reelection. An important period in Cyprus' development lies ahead. On March 30, accession negotiations open with the European Union and it is expected that the United States and the international community will intensify its search for a solution of the Cyprus problem. AHI would like to wish President Clerides good fortune in meeting these challenges.

AHI also congratulates the Cyprus people as a whole in this successful exercise in democracy. Cyprus has shown the world that, even under adverse conditions of foreign military occupation, it does not shy away from democratic debate and popular elections. As Cyprus now turns to the problems of the future, AHI welcomes the calls from President Clerides and other political leaders for national unity.

AHI welcomes the statements of support for Cyprus from the United States and the European Union. The State Department has stated: "We congratulate President Clerides on his victory and welcome the opportunity to continue working with him on further strengthening our bilateral relationship." In his capacity as EU President British Foreign Minister Robin Cook stated: "With the re-election of Glafcos Clerides, I look forward to seeing a fresh impetus in Cyprus to help us work together to create the peace, prosperity and security which the island of Cyprus and the region so richly deserve."