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AHIF Announces Its New Publication "The Truman Doctrine of Aid to Greece: A Fifty-Year Retrospective"
September 16, 1998 No. 42/98


The American Hellenic Institute Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the The Truman Doctrine of Aid to Greece: A Fifty-Year Retrospective This volume is jointly published by the prestigious Academy of Political Science (APS) and AHIF.

The book dramatizes Greece's historic role in the "turning point" in world history in the containment and defeat of communism. Further, it brings to light the lessons to be learned and applied to current foreign policy initiatives in the Eastern Mediterranean duly noting the strategic importance of Greece, both then and now, and policy implications for the U.S. The book includes the papers presented at the conference held on March 12-13, 1997 in Washington, DC commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Truman Doctrine.

The collection of essays discusses the background to President Truman's decision and its impact and legacy, recreating the atmosphere of post World War II containment issues and debates. The publication also looks forward by examining the current balance of power in the Mediterranean and its implications for United States policy toward this area. This important volume captures in twenty essays the contribution of key leaders of the time. It highlights the implementation of the Truman Doctrine and Greece's central role.

President Truman's aide and speechwriter, George Elsey puts into perspective the production of the speech through which Truman committed the United States: "to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure." Other contributors include General Andrew J. Goodpaster, George Elsey, Ambassador George Crews McGhee, and Paul R. Porter, all active participants during the Truman administration. General Goodpaster former Supreme Commander of NATO, called the Truman doctrine and Greece's role "a turning point in world history."

It is edited by Eugene T. Rossides, senior counsel for Rogers & Wells and President of AHIF and the Introduction is written by Prof. Demetrios James Caraley, President of the APS and Professor of Political Science, Barnard College and Columbia University.

The Academy of Political Science is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1880 to investigate political, social and economic problems. The Academy's prestige and authority have attracted leading statesmen and scholars of all political persuasion to enroll as members, participate in conferences, and contribute to its publications. APS's main publication is the Political Science Quarterly.

The American Hellenic Institute Foundation, Inc., established in 1975, is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit tax-exempt educational and research organization. It is the first "think tank" devoted exclusively to the study of issues regarding the Greek American community and United States relations with Greece and Cyprus. AHIF conducts a program of research, publications, conferences, seminars and lectures, and maintains a library and an information center. Current publications include: Modern Greeks-Greece in World War II; The German Occupation and National Resistance; The Civil War (1997) by Costas Stassinopoulos; Doing Business in Greece (1996) a two volume loose-leaf reference service; Handbook on United States Relations with Greece and Cyprus (1990) a loose-leaf reference service; and the American Hellenic Who's Who, 1994-95 (5th ed.).

The Truman Doctrine of Aid to Greece: A Fifty-Year Retrospective is 200 pages and sells for $20 plus $2 for postage and handling. It can be ordered from the AHIF: American Hellenic Institute Foundation 1220 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-785-8430 / Fax: 202-785-5178.