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AHIF Endowment Fund Campaign

Dear Member:

Great news! I am very pleased to inform you that the mortgage is finished! Many, many thanks to you and the others who contributed to this effort. It was not easy as we also needed to generate operating funds for our many activities. Contributors names are listed in the lobby of Hellenic House.

Secondly, I write to inform you that we are starting an endowment fund campaign to raise $10 million in 5 years. To start this campaign I have made two tax-deductible contributions of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) each to the American Hellenic Institute Foundation (AHIF), as endowment funds (1) in memory and honor of my parents Anna and Telemachus Rossides and (2) in my wife’s and my names. I will be adding funds annually to each of these endowment funds. I am pledging an additional $800,000 over the next 5 years for a total of $1 million.

Further, I am committing $25,000.00 annually for operating expenses.

AHIF, the owner of Hellenic House, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt educational and research organization. All individual and corporate contributions to it are tax deductible as charitable contributions. AHIF tax-exempt registration number is 52-1061633. Under the IRS Code, the AHIF is authorized to have multiple endowment funds.

I seek your support for the establishment of your own tax deductible named endowment fund under the American Hellenic Institute Foundation so that we can build endowment income for operating purposes. Our present operating budget is only $425 - 450,000. We need to increase our operating budget to $1 million. The future of AHIF and its affiliates in sustaining their accomplishments and continuing, strengthening and adding to their several activities depends on the efforts of many, not just a few.

You may establish your own tax-deductible named endowment fund under AHIF at an amount of five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more.

Contributors to their own named endowment fund will be able to give advice as to the use of their endowment fund income, i.e. for staff, interns, seminars, conferences, forums, publications or other operating expenses. Contributors will receive annual reports on the status of their endowment fund. The name of each endowment fund will be listed in the lobby of Hellenic House, and there are no legal or accounting fees involved.

Remember that Hellenic House in the nation’s capital is your Washington headquarters. The staff is your staff. The AHIF and its affiliates work constantly to strengthen U.S. relations with Greece and Cyprus, to strengthen relations within our community and to fight for the issues that are so dear to all of us: the rule of law, support for American values and principles, a secure Greece, a free Cyprus and the promotion of Hellenism, the foundation of Western civilization.

AHIF and its affiliates are in the forefront of the efforts to stress the importance of Greece and Cyprus to U.S. national security interests regarding peace, stability, economic progress and democracy building in Southeast Europe.

Our accomplishments:
  • Serve as the “Watch Dog” in Washington on our issues;
  • Disseminate information to the Grass Roots community and alert them as to action needed on timely issues;
  • Develop the arguments on issues;
  • Introduce numerous legislation, including the first ever on the Protection of the Ecumenical Patariarchate and Halki School of Theology, which became public law;
  • Sponsored Congressional delegations to Greece and Cyprus;
  • Annual testimony in the Congress;
  • Numerous conferences, seminars, noon forums;
  • Establish “Business Network” for Greek Americans and host a variety of functions under this program;
  • Respond to public policy makers;
  • Established annual conferences on the Future of Hellenism in America; and
  • The Annual AHI Hellenic Heritage and National Public Service Award Gala Dinner in Washington, DC has become one of the premiere events within the Greek American community whereby we honor those Greek Americans and philhellenes who have made us proud by their accomplishments and many achievements in support of their profession and Hellenism.

Current challenges:

The current challenges facing our community are several:

1. Public policy regarding U.S. relations with Greece, Cyprus and Turkey

Despite the accomplishments listed above, the Greek American community is still not in the mainstream of policy development in our own country. We are not consulted beforehand on issues that concern our community. Our future plans include moving the Greek American community into the mainstream of U.S. policy development. This can only be accomplished with your participation and help.

Turkey is still the key problem for Greece and Cyprus. Turkey claims one-half of the Aegean and regularly violates Greek airspace. Turkey’s aggression against and occupation of 37% of Cyprus is now in its 30th year.

And your tax dollars continue to be used for aid to Turkey because Turkey’s proponents, comprised of a handful of present and former U.S. officials, and Turkey’s paid foreign agents registered with the Department of Justice, have manipulated U.S. foreign policy for their own interests and have belittled the importance of Greece and Cyprus to the U.S.

2. The future of Hellenism in America

Our third annual conference on the Future of Hellenism in America was held on October 16, 2004 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. We plan to publish the proceedings of the first three conferences in early 2005.

3. The AHI Business Network

The strengthening of our AHI Business Network to stimulate business within the Greek American community and between the U.S. and Greece.

Many thanks for your consideration of this appeal for your support. Whatever you can do will be very much appreciated. Please let me hear from you.

Enclosed is an AHIF Endowment Form for your consideration. Contributions can be pledged and redeemed over time.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Warmest regards.


Gene Rossides


Enclosures (Click here to download and print the 70K PDF endowment form)